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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Paul Hager

The following letter to the editor was submitted by Paul Hager of Maryland, and published in The Oneonta Daily Star. 
“Before I turn to my concern, I wish to commend you on the general editorial stance of The Daily Star.  Given the political views of many residents of the area, it takes some courage and commitment to your principles to maintain as open a mind to non-right wing views as you do.  That said, I must register a strong complaint about the new ‘Sound Off’ opinion piece in the paper. 
“Clearly, it is appropriate to invite readers to share their points of view on almost any subject, BUT, not anonymous ones.  I firmly believe that our experience with social media allowing everyone to anonymously vent has done much to poison the political environment and increase the divisiveness we see all around us.  No one who is not willing to put his/her name to an opinion on any subject should be permitted to have that opinion published. 
“Such a practice merely encourages irresponsible behavior and views.  If people had to be prepared to defend their opinions or at least hear criticisms of them, they would be less inclined to express outrageous and indefensible ones, whose only purpose appears to be to vent rather than a serious attempt to work on providing helpful suggestions/solutions to problems.  The Daily Star should not be making such a practice possible, to say nothing of encouraging it.”
Although, Mr. Hager makes a very interesting point, I don’t agree.  The people that don’t agree with my political views need an opportunity to vent their anger, and it is important that they have that opportunity.  Let’s consider their outrageous comments, an opportunity to understand their frustration, and allow it to motivate our civil, persuasive rebuttals.


Blogger John Stanley said...

And shall we not consider your outrageous comments and opinions as well? But to those like yourself opinion is never a two way communication, you are the only right opinion, end of story, as you belittle any other opinion. Got to love this. And we got one just like you out here, and you and yours wonder why there is such a negative opinion of the elite left leaning among us.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, not you own facts" heard that somewhere.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Jim O'Leary said...

I'm allowing you to express your opinion on my website. Try using the opportunity to specify those outrageous comments and the misleading factual information that I've posted. It seems to me that you're doing a very good job of belittling yourself.

You are correct that we are all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts. Now, do you have some facts that you would like to share. It's not my responsibility to pass on misinformation. It's your job to rebut what I post, with a factual, civil and persuasive rebuttal. You don't seem to be able to understand, that is the reason that I don't respect your opinions.

In your opinion what is it that makes me one of the elite left? Is it that you consider me very wealthy, very well educated or is it that you just can't put in do words the real reason that you dislike me, and the so called “elite left.”

2:37 AM  

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