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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Educating Our Citizens

The Oneonta Daily Star’s Sound Off opinion stance has published opposing arguments from their readers regarding conservative columnist Chuck Pinkey’s opposition to free college tuition in New York State’s university system.
In favor of free college tuition an anonymous writers stated: “This bill can provide New York with a young, educated workforce for the future.  It will also draw serious families to the state, which has been in population decline for years.  Why do so many people have problems with creating a generation of educated young people with health care that aren’t burdened with tens of thousands of dollars of debt over their head.  Seems to me to be the only way to move forward.”
“It’s called investing in OUR country’s future.  Many other countries do it.  It also helps our industries to be more successful.  The kids will have to keep grades up to a certain level and avoid wasting their lives away on the streets.”
“When any job that provides a marginally living wage requires a college degree, students need to be afforded the opportunity to have a college education.  All students, not just rich students!  Not rocket science.  Don’t like it, raise wages for those without college credentials.  You don’t get to have it both ways.”
Against free college tuition an anonymous writers pointed out: “What is irritating is that we do not have enough state/fed aid to properly educate our students in K-12, yet Cuomo wants to give free college?  Does anyone see how ridiculous this is?”
“This bill is not going to save everyone and give everybody free tuition.  It is extremely exclusive and almost the lotto of who is going to get it and who’s not.  While it’s a great thought, it’s not really going to help very many New Yorkers, honestly.”


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