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Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Independent FBI

Recently, John Dean, who was the former White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon compared the current situation of FBI Director Comey being fired by President Trump to the Saturday Night Massacre, when Archibald Cox, was fired by President Nixon.  A president has the power to also fire a Special Prosecutor, which Nixon did by firing Archibald Cox.
Dean pointed out: “They could have told Comey, Listen, it’s just not working out.  We have difficulty with the way this is proceeding,’ and they could’ve done it in a way where he would have resigned, and it wouldn’t have resulted in the same kind of blowback.
Dean suggested: “So this could come up when he (Trump) appoints another director.   At some point he’s going to have to fill that chair and it’s going to be a real engine. 
“Is he going to put somebody in like, say, when the FBI was on shaky ground post-Watergate and they put somebody like a sitting judge from St. Louis.  Anyway, they could put somebody in like that and steady the FBI or they may just try to plow ahead and get control, even greater control than they just have statutorily.  That seems to be what is going on in Sessions’ mind.
“In fact, the statute that was created giving FBI directors a ten-year term was designed to somewhat insulate them and make it extraordinary to remove.
“That’s why they wrote out all those explanations in the deputy attorney general’s letter, so there was cause to remove him.  I don’t think anybody does believe that the cause they’re stating is the true cause.  I think it’s more than they really want to try to get control of the FBI, which they didn’t feel they had with Comey, who was a fairly independent person.”


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