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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Linda Chavez

Linda Chavez is a former official in the Reagan and Bush Administrations.  Recently, on national T.V. she said that President Trump is “endangering his own agenda.   He is endangering the Republican party, and ultimately he’s endangering the country.
She reminded us that the Trump famously said he could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and he wouldn’t lose support.  Chavez finds that worrisome because congressional Republicans, who are supposed to have courage as elected official, just don’t seem to have that kind of courage, and she’s concerned that it’s going to destroy the Republican party.
She wants the Republican party to stand for something and not just for Donald Trump, but for principles, one of which is the rule of law.  
Linda Chavez explained: “We (Republican supporters) believe in the resources of the FBI.  We believe that they’re going to get to the bottom of this investigation.  And we’re going to ignore it until they’re finished with that investigation, and we’re just going to move forward with our agenda.  If the President were capable of doing that, the country would be a whole lot better off and certainly, the Republican Party would be.”
In his first week in office, President Trump proved to be liar, and very eager to attack the fundamental institutions of our democracy.  We should all be concerned, that Trump lies repeatedly, in order to distract citizens from the real issues of health care, jobs, our fundamental civil rights. 

We have real issues with voting in America, that doesn’t include the lies that Trump made up.  The fact is that we have voter suppression laws in North Carolina, that have been declared as unconstitutional. 

Congressional Republicans and their supporters stand for the principle of rule of law only when it supports an agenda that benefits the very wealthy. 


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