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Monday, May 22, 2017

Jack Harmon Agreed

The following letter was submitted by Jack W. Harmon of Stamford to The Oneonta Daily Star and recently published. 
“Some weeks ago, Jim O’Leary wrote his opinion on the forever-discussed abortion issue.  There are very few of his opinions I agree with, however, this one was right on. 
“Only women should be the problem-solvers.  To my knowledge as of today, NO man has ever given birth to a baby and in my opinion has no business making or suggesting governmental or any laws restricting women’s rights and decisions to abort because of health, physical or a mental problem.  There are also too many children today leaving too soon after arriving because of, or lack of, proper care and supervision.  I believe, only women know and capable of knowing how to handle the abortion situation. 
“My observation over the years is there are also too many men who enjoy the manner in which babies are made but less enjoyment in the love and care required in raising them.
“I suggest our government spend more time, effort and money to teach some Americans how to use their firearms and end this un-necessary killing of both young and old!”
*** The letter to which Jack Harmon referred was posted on this website on 3/18/17 and is entitled: “Heart Wrenching Decisions.”
Furthermore, I don’t understand how learning to use their firearms would “end this un-necessary killing of both young and old!”  Violence isn’t a solution that I support, because our Constitution was specifically designed to settle our differences by the rule of law.  And, that is the reason that I wrote in yesterday’s post the: “Our Revolution” crowd can count me out.” 


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