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Friday, April 07, 2017

Rolling Back Protections

When Scott Pruitt was Oklahoma’s Attorney General thousands of e-mails showed that there was significant collusion between him and the fossil fuel industry.  He abused his power and serious conflicts of interest occurred.  He collaborated with the oil and natural gas industry to cripple the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

Obama’s Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Rules were gutted after President Trump told the EPA to rewrite a 2015 rule that cracked down on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.  Trump also instruct the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to redo another 2015 rule that gave the federal government more regulatory power over waterways.  Furthermore, he lifted an Interior Department moratorium on federal land coal leasing. 

The Clean Power Plan was the centerpiece of Obama’s climate change agenda.  The measure sought a 32 percent reduction in the electricity sector’s carbon emissions by 2030.  It was considered our nation’s most important step ever in the fight to reduce carbon pollution and transition to a clean energy economy.  Environmentalists supported the measure but many Republicans claimed it gave our government too much power and the energy sector said it threatened fossil fuel industries.

The Clean Water Rule gave our federal government regulatory jurisdiction over small waterways across the county.  That measure has been stayed by a federal judge after states filed law suits against it.  The Clean Water Rule explained pollution protections for our drinking water.  Without it, water for 1 in 3 people in America are at risk.

Trump signed a congressional resolution undoing a variety of coal mining regulation, and the Senate is expected to send him a resolution blocking methane restrictions on federal natural gas wells.

Scott Pruitt and Trump have put the interests of polluters over the air we breathe and water we drink. 


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