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Sunday, April 09, 2017

More Regarding the AHCA

House Republicans were unable to gain enough votes in their own caucus to pass the American Health Care Act.  House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t bring their very carefully disguised corporate welfare bill to the House floor for a vote.
The AHCA was just another scheme to reward the people who spent millions of dollars lobbying Republican members of Congress and bankrolling their political ambitions.
People are struggling to meet the costs of rising premiums, deductibles and prescription drugs.  Democrats have an opportunity to explain why a non-profit, single-payer, government-run system is the best way to fix our health care problems.
Allegedly, the reason the cost of medical care has increased so dramatically compared to inflation is due to medical technology progressing by leaps and bounds.  However, other countries in the industrialized world have been able to provide national health care for all their citizens.  Our patchwork system of private insurance has resulted in more than 30 percent of every health care dollar being spent on administration costs.  By eliminating private insurance, a single-payer system would reduce administrative spending by over $400 billion annually.  Those savings would provide every American with comprehensive health insurance, without increasing total spending.
President Trump was pushed to change his promise to force all health insurers to cover crucial services like maternity care, mental health and prescription drugs.  Nevertheless, the Freedom Caucus stood firm, by insisting the AHCA  plan was Obamacare lite, because it simply swapped the subsidies of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act for tax credits.  Trump even offered to repeal the insurance mandate, but the Freedom Caucus insisted the entire insurance regulation infrastructure of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, also known as ACA or Obamacare be repealed.
For years, the self-anointed Tea Party Patriots (currently known as the Freedom Caucus) claimed that the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act was unconstitutional.  Ironically, they’ve saved it. 
If the Affordable Care Act is eventually repealed, members of Congress will received the same healthcare insurance benefits other federal employee receive through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.  However, approximately 20 million working Americans would lose their coverage.


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