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Monday, April 03, 2017

Livingston Manor’s “JP” Pasquale

“JP” wrote: “But the media rarely tells the stories of the undocumented criminals and terrorist who reside among us and cause us harm.  We should care for and educate and protect the undocumented widows, elderly and children but these people need to be educated and given a Social Security number and put to work when and if able, so they can pay their taxes.  Please just remember every undocumented immigrant that we care for with our tax dollars takes money away from U.S. citizens who are students, elderly and disabled and pushes our multiple and various taxes through the roof.”
Perhaps, “JP” missed the statistical information that Bob Parmerter  provided in a previous letter to The Oneonta Daily Star, when he pointed out: “President Trump says ‘Our prisons are bursting with illegals right now.’
“Fact: 1.6 percent of immigrant men aged 18-39 are in prison compared to 3.3 percent of American-born men aged 18-39 in prison.
“Fact: In the past 25 years, the number of immigrants in the U.S. has increased, but crime has dropped.
“Fact: 41 percent of immigrants have a college degree, while 30 percent of American-born have a college degree.
“Fact: In 2013, 41 percent of newly arrived immigrants had completed at least a bachelor’s degree.  They’re also more likely to hold an advanced degree.
“Trump says ‘immigration is killing us, really killing us, and it’s bad for the economy.’
“Fact: Who is starting businesses?  Immigrants — 550 out of every 100,000 businesses.  American-born — 270 out of every 100,000 businesses.  Immigrants are twice as likely to start a business.
“Fact: Immigrants are 12.9 percent of the population but start 28 percent of new businesses.”
Furthermore, millions of undocumented people are contributing to our economy, because they’re consumers, who pay sale taxes and $12 billion a year into Social Security.


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