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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

French Mercenaries

As a Marine with the Fleet Marine Force our troop transport ship docked in Oran, Algeria next to a French hospital ship that carried wounded French Foreign Legionaries, who had recently seen combat in Indochina, which a decade later became our Vietnam.  Those Legionaries were professional mercenaries and many were former members of Hitler’s army.

While on liberty in Oran, a group of street urchins surrounded me and one of them stole my wallet.  The next day, I visited the Sidi-Bel-Abbes the home base of the French Foreign Legion.  I told them about my encounter with the street urchins and they laughed.  They told me that they had put a stop to it, by grabbing the child by the wrist holding the child’s hand to the curb, and with their boots breaking the bones in the hand and fingers of the child.

Mercenaries tend to be cruel.  Consequently, sixty years ago, Legionaries were not allowed to be stationed in France.  Today, French citizenship may be applied for after three years' of service, and any mercenary who becomes injured during a battle for France immediately becomes a French citizen under a provision known as “French by spilled blood.”

The Bush regime used taxpayer money to employ Blackwater USA, a private military of tens of thousands of mercenaries in Iraq.  An illegal immigrant version of the Foreign Legion would have help solve our immigration and recruitment problems and been much less expensive than Blackwater.

A path to eventual citizenship could start with illegal immigrants volunteering for a special branch of our military, which would be stationed outside the contiguous United States.  Those illegal immigrants would earn citizenship after three years of honorable military service, or a Purple Heart.  

That arrangement should appeal to Trump supporters simply because many admire cruelty.


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