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“I make no pretension to patriotism. So long as my voice can be heard ... I will hold up America to the lightning scorn of moral indignation. In doing this, I shall feel myself discharging the duty of a true patriot; for he is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins. It is righteousness that exalteth a nation while sin is a reproach to any people.”- Frederick Douglass

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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Delhi’s Katherine Mario

Katherine Mario recently pointed out: “As I drove through Walton and Colchester last week, I noticed the big Farmers for Trump signs on barns.  It’s no secret that Mr. Trump won big here.  But I feel sorry for the farmers who put their hope in him.  Budget information reflects a 21 percent cut in the Agriculture Department seemingly the biggest cut for any agency.  He is slashing programs that invest in rural infrastructure, that target rural public radio stations and destroy food-aid programs that buy the food our local farmers produce.
“One specific program is WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, the federal nutrition program aimed at pregnant women and young children that now covers half of all infants born in the U.S.  This program is cut almost entirely!  Sad and cruel for the families who need it and for the farmers who produce the food it provided.  One in four children in rural America lives in poverty.  And we have already heard that Meals on Wheels will probably be gone.  Even House and Senate Republicans are against the president’s cuts.
“Heck, using that trickle-down economics that Republicans love, what will this mean for our little town businesses?  And, with fewer tax dollars coming in, how will our municipalities function?

“Thank goodness the country’s largest food program, Food Stamps, is mandatory.”

It seems to me that most of the people, who live in rural areas in every state have been figuratively shooting themselves in the foot on election day for many years.

President Trump named his budget proposal "America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again."  It would increase defense spending by $54 billion.  He’s asking our Republican representatives in Congress to strip money from more than 18 other agencies.


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