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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cuban Missile Crisis

After the failed attempt to overthrow the Castro regime in Cuba with the Bay of Pigs invasion, Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev reached a secret agreement with Fidel Castro to place Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba to deter any future invasion attempt. 
A U.S. U–2 aircraft took pictures, that clearly showed sites for medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles under construction. 
All of the Joint Chiefs of Staff argued for an air strike to destroy the missiles, followed by a invasion of Cuba.  JFK went on national television to inform the public of the developments in Cuba, and the potential global consequences if the crisis continued to escalate.  He announced: “It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union.” 
On October 26, Kennedy told his advisors it appeared that only a U.S. attack on Cuba would remove the missiles, but he insisted on giving the diplomatic channel a little more time.  That afternoon, an ABC News correspondent John Scali reported to the White House that he had been approached by a Soviet agent suggesting that an agreement could be reached in which the Soviets would remove their missiles from Cuba if the United States promised not to invade the island. 
The next day, Khrushchev sent a message indicating that any proposed deal must include the removal of our Jupiter missiles from Turkey.  Attorney General Robert Kennedy met secretly with Soviet Ambassador and indicated that our government was planning to remove the Jupiter missiles from Turkey anyway.  The next morning, Khrushchev issued a public statement that Soviet missiles would be dismantled and removed from Cuba.


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