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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Nuclear North Korea

President Truman recalled General MacArthur because our Constitution provides that an elected Commander-in-Chief  make policy decision concerning the conduct of a war.  However, Truman didn’t order our troops to retreat, during the Korean War.

The Communist Chinese entered the war and swarmed across the frozen Yalu River into north Korea.  Marines were forced to redeploy.  They brought their dead and wounded with them in temperatures reaching 30 degrees below zero.  They fought their way south to a seaport and were evacuated.

Eisenhower promised that if elected he’d bring an end to the Korean War and he made good on that promise.

Six years after President George W. Bush decided to drop President Clinton’s policy of engagement with Kim Jong-il, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test. 

Clinton used Wendy Sherman as a special policy adviser on North Korea from 1997 until the end of his term.  She explained that when Bush took office, America was involved in negotiation to stop the development of missiles, which might deliver nuclear weapons.  

Colin Powell thought continued negotiations were a good idea, but he was overruled by Bush.  Consequently, today we have a 400 percent increase in the amount of plutonium North Korea possesses.  North Korea might decide to sell fissionable material for nuclear weapons to terrorists.  And, nothing is more terrifying than terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear weapon. 

“The Proliferation Security Initiative” is a useful technique, but it’s not likely to stop North Korea from having nuclear weapons or transferring some of that technology.  A blockade can’t stop them from transferring nuclear weapons.  Plutonium can be a size of an orange, and it can be put in a suitcase and carried across a border.  Blockading a ship coming out of a port isn’t going to stop a transfer. 


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