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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michael G. O’Leary

I’m pleased to post the following letter that my brother Michael wrote to his local newspaper. 

“Letter to the Editor:

“While seemingly harmless enough Congressman Faso offered two distressing comments in an interview with Jim Poole, John Faso Weighs In On New President, Times Journal 2/15/17.  

“The article noted that Mr. Faso ‘supported candidate Trump in November, but he called President Trump's first month in office a mixed bag.’  The article goes on to note that Mr. Faso questioned President Trump's style:  ‘Frequent tweeting, responding angrily to even mild criticism, irritating allies and in general, failing to act presidential’.  The article quotes Mr. Faso: ‘This is not a sideshow… I'm not a great fan of tweeting.’  

“Really?  Mr. Trump’s tweeting is not new.  We all know that Mr. Trump posted angry attacks, irrational assaults and childlike narrations throughout the campaign. 

“Those who listened, heard the candidate’s rants and fundamental meanness as he leveled attacks on the disabled, immigrants and women among other groups.  The incompetent bully we saw before election day is the same one we see now.  Mr. Faso, how do you explain your support, then and now?

“Poole’s article goes on to state how you ‘side with President Trump on his cabinet nominees.  Because Mr. Trump won the election, he should get to choose who he wants to work with’.

“Really?  Then why bother with confirmation hearings?  In the same article you reference Mr. Trump as ‘P.T. Barnum’.  Should P.T. Barnum’s nominees be automatically approved?  Mr. Faso, your constituents expect ethically guided critical thinking on your part, NOT lock-step get-along representation that only affiliates you and your district more closely with this ‘sideshow’ President.

"Michael G. O’Leary, DSW
"Columbia County Director of Community Services (Retired) "


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