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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Significant Issues

In his first week in office, President Trump proved to be liar, and very eager to attack the fundamental institutions of our democracy.  We should all be concerned, that Trump lies repeatedly, in order to distract citizens from the real issues of health care, jobs, our fundamental civil rights. 
According to the Congressional Budget Office repealing the Affordable Care Act, and not replace it immediately will cost 18 million Americans’ their health insurance.
We have real issues with voting in America, that doesn’t include the lies that Trump made up.  The fact is that we have voter suppression laws, that are being questioned in North Carolina right now.  Federal judges have pointed out that in at least one case, state voting laws have been narrowly tailored to affect specific populations. 
There is a massive movement amongst democratic voters who believe that our Justice Department should be investigating voter suppression.  But, Trump’s  Justice Department won’t to be protecting women, LGBT rights, and making sure that there’s greater accountability and policing in this country. 
Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions, who voted against those issues has been confirmed as Attorney General of the Justice Department, mostly along party lines.  
There is also the issue that the Electoral College was designed to be undemocratic.  And, having two Senators for a state with about the same number of voters as Staten Island isn’t a representative democracy. 
Gerrymandered House districts make a Republican majority in the House, a possibility for the many years.  The gerrymandered Republican districts are demographically much older and much whiter.

Those issues and the Senate filibuster rules compounded the significant advantage of the minority in a way that our founders could never have imagined.  

Furthermore, Chuck Pinkey claims: “The Right has over 300 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition.”


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