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Monday, January 09, 2017

Undisguised Corruption

The truth is that most of the new wealth and income in our country has been going to the top one percent while working families are struggling more than at any point since the Great Depression.

The Republican Party has forgotten how badly corruption can impede an administration.  They complain about deficits whenever a Democrat occupies the White House, but remain silent, when a Republican is elected president.

In 2001, after the George W. Bush inherited surpluses from President Clinton, the Republican Party spent eight years reducing taxes dramatically, primarily for the wealthy, while not budgeting for much more spending on wars and a prescription drug benefit for senior citizens. 

When George W. Bush’s administration ended in a crippling financial crisis, the deficits they had created began growing at nearly a trillion dollar a year.  After the GOP handed control of the government to Democrats, they immediately discovered the virtues of of being frugal with taxpayers money.  The Republican Party is already preparing to return to the spendthrift days of the George W. Bush administration.  

Republican politicians will again demonstrate that they regard both deficits and bribery as vices to be enjoyed during periods of Republican rule.  Their underlying assumption, whether it applies to budgeting or corruption, is that the voting public doesn’t care much about those issue.  However, Republicans may have forgotten how badly corruption can hobble an administration and harm a political party that fails to deliver for a majority of the people.

Since Obama is on his way out, Republicans over the course of a few weeks have pivoted from making a federal case out of Hillary Clinton’s emails to embracing undisguised corruption.  Trump engages in a spree of self-enrichment never before seen, but escapes rebuke because Congressional Republicans pretend Trump’s self- enrichment is completely normal.


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