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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

The Oneonta Daily Star recently published a column that was submitted by Andrew Reinbach.  The following is an excerpt is from that column.

“Apparently, Russia mounted a highly sophisticated campaign with many moving parts, including computer hacking, various sorts of propaganda, including fake news sites and social media posts, and more.  I have trouble believing that any American but a traitor would shrug that off as unimportant, and in fact I believe that espionage by a hostile foreign power aimed at installing the president of their choice is enough to invalidate the election, if not send Mr. Trump and members of his staff to prison. 

“This is probably why the FBI’s counterintelligence arm obtained a FISA warrant in late October in support of its investigation into the Russia angle.  Especially, that warrant will result, and almost certainly already has resulted, in its seizing a disguised, dedicated mail server in Trump Tower, belonging to Mr. Trump, that was connected to only one destination; another dedicated mail server in the office of Russia’s largest bank, suspected of being owned by the Russian Mafia, and very closely connected to Vladimir Putin.

“The traffic on that server mirrored Mr. Trump’s campaign activities, and when two reporters asked about this server, it was immediately taken down.  It re-appeared a week later using a different route to the bank.  As we’ve learned from the Clinton email investigation, it’s almost impossible to erase emails on a hard drive unless the machine itself is destroyed; and if this particular machine has been destroyed, it would speak volumes, not to mention amount to destroying evidence.

“It’s been made clear by very authoritative computer scientists that the complexities and technical challenges of actually hacking the overall election are large.

“But the criticism of that possibility tends to dwell on the cost and difficulty of such an attempt, and such issues are not impossible to surmount for a nation-state with the world’s second-largest petroleum and natural gas reserves and the world’s largest gold deposits — especially if the goal of said nation-state was to maximize its influence over the country that beat them in the Cold War.  So the possibility that hacking the electoral system was part of Russia’s strategy to install Mr. Trump into the Oval Office shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.”


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