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“I make no pretension to patriotism. So long as my voice can be heard ... I will hold up America to the lightning scorn of moral indignation. In doing this, I shall feel myself discharging the duty of a true patriot; for he is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins. It is righteousness that exalteth a nation while sin is a reproach to any people.”- Frederick Douglass

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

American Meddling

Yesterday’s post reminded me that over 55 years ago, Iran was establishing a government close to a democracy.  Mohammad Mossadegh a benevolent and incorruptible hero of Iranian history was unhappy that the profit from the country’s primary resource oil wasn’t staying in their country.

The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which is now known as British Petroleum was getting 93 percent of the profits and Mossadegh wanted a 50-50 split.  The British government didn’t want to use force to protect its business interests, but President Eisenhower’s CIA willingly took on the task of undermining Mossadegh’s tenure as president.  After numerous attempts to disrupted the nation, a coup was financed by our CIA, who eventually installed the Shah of Iran as the dictator of Iran.  We trained the Shah’s goon squads, thus angering generations of Iranians for meddling in that nation’s affairs.

Most Americans are too self centered to recognize that when we benefit, someone else may suffer.  They remain ignorant of how our imperialistic occupation of Iraq for its oil rekindled resentment and anger in the Muslim world, which will fester as long as our imperialistic meddling continues.

There is no moral justification for what the terrorists did on September 11th, but we should attempt to understand the source of their anger.  There is also no moral justification for the killing of more than a million Iraqis, that result from our invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Too many arrogant imperialists continue to defend our efforts to overthrow other governments whose actions we perceived as jeopardizing American business interests and profits.

In “The Shock Doctrine,” Naomi Klein points out, that when growing populations begin fighting over depleting natural resources, most often privileged special interest, and well-financed, international corporations such as Exxon have an distinct advantage, over our cumbersome representative democracy.



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