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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stop This Travesty

Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution without the benefit of a crystal ball.  Things have changed significantly.  Now, two Senators represent states with about the same population as Staten Island.  The number of “electors” a state has in the Electoral College is also designed to favors states with a smaller population.

In the 1940’s, my teacher explained that the Electoral College is the body that elects the President and Vice President every four years.  Citizens don’t directly elect the president or the vice president; instead they choose “electors”, who pledge to vote for particular candidates.  My teacher didn’t think the electoral college was fair.

The morning after the 2012 election, twitter users blasted the reelection of President Obama and the entire electoral process, because for a while Romney led in the popular vote.  

In his twitter post on November 7, 2012, Trump called the electoral college “a disaster for a democracy.”  He insisted the electoral process as a “total sham”… “The House of Representatives shouldn't give anything to Obama unless he terminates Obamacare...  “Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years...This election is a total sham and a travesty... Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble... like never before.”

He encourage citizens: “Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice!  The world is laughing at us... We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty.  Our nation is totally divided!”

Leading up to this election, Donald Trump repeatedly called the system “rigged.”  Ironically, without the Electoral College, he wouldn’t be our president-elect.

In the Electoral College, Trump won 289 to 228, but Hillary won the popular vote, by over 700,000 votes nationwide.  In 2000, Al Gore also, won the popular vote. 


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