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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

In 1973, both Donald Trump and his father Fred, were named in a racial discrimination lawsuit brought by the federal Department of Justice against their real estate firm.
The lawsuit by the Department of Justice claimed that the Trump management company systematically refused to rent to black people.  African-American New Yorkers would apply for an advertised vacancy in a Trump building and would never hear anything back regarding their application or they’d be told the vacancy wasn’t actually available.
The DOJ investigation would send an equally qualified white New Yorkers to inquire about the same apartment, and magically that same apartment would be back on the market and even though the black applicant had just been told that the apartment wasn’t available.
That DOJ lawsuit was ultimately settled when the Trump company signed on a consent decree that promised they would start renting to black people.
In the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton raised the issue of the DOJ lawsuit.  And, Trump responded by claiming that the consent agreement reflected no admission of wrongdoing.  Consequently, newspapers and news outlets have been looking into those allegations, and the way that suit was settled, as well as other suits that were brought against Trump real estate properties.
An NBC investigation turned up an eyewitness account from Stanley Leibowski, who told NBC that it was his job to do the discriminating.  He was asked how that instruction came, and who was in the room when it happened. 
Stanley Leibowski explained that, Donald Trump and his father Fred came into the office, and he asked Fred Trump what he should do with an application from a black woman, who was calling him constantly.  Fred Trump answered: “You know, I don’t rent to the niggers.  Put the application in the desk and forget about it.”


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