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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Trump Effect

During the second Presidential Debate, Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton is: “She’s all talk.  It doesn’t get done.  All you have to do is take a look at her Senate run.  Take a look at upstate New York.”

Hillary responded by pointing out that 67 percent of the people voted to re-elect her when she ran for a second term.  She is proud of her 30 years in public service, because she has consistently support children and families. After law school, she went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. 

She started off as a young lawyer working against discrimination against African-American children in schools and in the criminal justice system.  She worked to make sure that children with disabilities could get a public education.  One of her first jobs in politics was in south Texas registering Latino citizens to be able to vote.  Hillary still has a deep devotion to making sure that an every American feels like he or she has a place in our country.

Hillary is very concerned that a lot of people wouldn’t have a place in Donald Trump’s America.  She spoke about a woman, who wrote her about her adopted son, Felix.  She rescued him from Ethiopia when he was a toddler, and he’s now 10 years old.  America is the only country he’s ever known.  After listening to Donald Trump on TV, Felix asked his mother if he would be send me back to Ethiopia if Trump gets elected? 

Hillary explained that our children listen to what Trump is saying, and his comments have resulted in a lot of fear.  Some children are feeling very uneasy and expressing their concerns.  Teachers and parents are calling it the Trump effect.

As president, Hillary Clinton has promised to reach out to everybody.


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