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Saturday, October 15, 2016

America’s Energy Needs

According to Donald Trump our fossil fuel energy companies are being killed by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The price of coal is down worldwide.  From the beginning of Hillary’s campaign, she has been the only candidate with a plan to revitalize coal country.  She won’t walk away from coal miners, because they, their fathers and grandfathers dug coal down in the mines.  Some were injured, developed black lung disease, or lost their lives.  For generations they kept our lights on and provided the energy that powered our factories.  

For the first time our country is energy-independent.  Although, we’re not dependent upon the Middle East oil, the Middle East still determines a lot when it comes to the price of oil.  The price of crude oil continues to remain low, because there is a glut of oil on the international market, partly because of oil flowing from the Bakken region of North Dakota.  America is capable of producing 8.9 million barrels a day.  The world’s largest producer Saudi Arabia can pump out 9.6 million barrels a day.

The Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries, OPEC hasn’t agreed to limit production.  Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Venezuela haven’t reduce their oil production, and that has had a damaging effect on a lot of the oil companies.  

We’re also producing a lot of natural gas, which serves as a bridge to more renewable fuels.  Remaining energy independent gives us the freedom to not worry as much about what is happening in the Middle East.

A comprehensive energy policy must include fighting climate change, because that’s a serious problem.  Hillary Clinton is in favor of moving toward clean, renewable energy as quickly as possible, because becoming the 21st century clean energy superpower would create millions of new jobs and businesses.


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