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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sound Off

The Oneonta Daily Star is allowing its readers to vent their anger and frustration, while remaining anonymous.
An anonymous writer quoted from a recent letter submitted by Richard Stinson, who suggested: “Republicans, do the right thing on Election Day, vote for anyone but Trump.  Help get our country back on the right track.” 
Actually, we’re on the right track.  Our deficits have come down, our auto industry has had record sales, unemployment reached an eight-year low, and we’ve witnessed a record of 71 months of private sector job growth.
Nevertheless, the anonymous writer’s response was: “Really?  Here we are at a time when our economic policies are crashing due to the Democratic giveaways leading us to 19 Trillion that makes every U.S citizen owing an average of $400,000 each!  We tried it your way, Mr. Stinson, and we are all about ready to crash and burn economically, which is why we need someone like Trump to stop the Democratic machine from giving hard-earned tax dollars to buy votes for their party!  If it’s free it’s for me attitude in life is about to come to an abrupt end as there is no money left for the Democratic Party to squander!   This raises a question about The Daily Star’s non-balanced reporting concerning Sam Pollak and Cary Brunswick.  This paper has and is being called a ‘Rag’ for good reason as Trump is never endorsed and Hillary’s ongoing issues are not reported by these people in charge?  Fred, what’s going on?  Sam writes with a personal agenda, which is why he needs to go for not being fair and balanced.  He states he has big shoulders to handle controversy or is it just his misuse of power of the pen?  Either way, the people deserve truthful, unbiased reporting!”
Fred Scheller is the publisher, and Pollak is the editor of the paper.  The anonymous writer, who obviously is a Trump supporter appears to be urging Scheller to censor what Pollak and Brunswick write.


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