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Friday, September 16, 2016

Growing Older

Hillary Clinton’s personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack reported that she’d been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony.  Although, she had been advised to lighten her schedule, she insisted on attending the event.  

After about 90 minuets, she began experiencing the warning sensation of overheating, which prompted her to leave an outdoor event in the summer sun.  She and her Secret Service detail departed the event and went to her daughter's apartment. 

A video showed her on the verge of fainting as she got into a waiting vehicle.  Another, video showed Hillary emerging from her daughter's apartment having recovered fairly quickly.  Her personal physician stated the episode occurred due to a combination of dehydration and overheating.

That morning the air temperature in New York City was in the lower 80’s, which doesn’t seem to be particularly hot to most people.  However, it can feel a lot warmer for an elderly person especially if their dressed in a dark outfit like Hillary has wearing.  Staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water is very important as we grow older. 

To evaluate Hillary’s fainting spell, Dr. Bardack determined, that her heart wasn’t involved.  Whenever, the heart goes into an atypical rhythm, it’s not able to supply a sufficient amount of  blood to the brain.  Hillary’s medical history and the specific circumstances indicate a blood pressure drop.

Standing for 90 minuets allows blood to leave the upper body and begin pooling in the lower body.  The heart tries to make up for the lack of sufficient blood in its chambers, so that it sometimes overstimulates itself into activating a part of the nervous system that's normally responsible for bringing down the heart rate and blood pressure.

Even presidents are susceptible to infections and fainting spells.


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