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“I make no pretension to patriotism. So long as my voice can be heard ... I will hold up America to the lightning scorn of moral indignation. In doing this, I shall feel myself discharging the duty of a true patriot; for he is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins. It is righteousness that exalteth a nation while sin is a reproach to any people.”- Frederick Douglass

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Truth Matters

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported our economy added 255,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent.  Jobs growth under the Obama administration reached a record of 70 consecutive months.
At the end of Bush administration the wealth of most American families declined at a rate nearly seven times faster than when the stock market crashed in 1929.  Home foreclosures numbered in the millions.  Deficits were soaring because hardworking Americans, who had been paying taxes were suddenly unemployed.
We lost 650,000 jobs in December 2008.  An additional 700,000 jobs were lost in January, the month Obama was sworn in.  Twenty-four days after Obama took office the Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed, without a single Republican vote in the House and only 3 Republican votes in the Senate.  That legislation prevented a devastating financial crisis from getting worse and turned the economy from contraction to expansion.
After the worst recession in 80 years, our deficits have come down, 401(k)s have recover, our auto industry has had record sales, unemployment reached an eight-year low, and private sector businesses created 15 million new jobs.
Maine’s Senator Susan Collins was one of the 3 Republican, who in 2009 helped the Democratic majority in the Senate to pass the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  She has been in the Senate since 1997, and recently announced that she isn’t going to vote for Donald Trump, because she finds him unsuitable for office: "based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics."
The Golden Rule requires that we treat others with respect. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” is shared by 21 of the world religion, but hypocrites throughout the world aren’t practicing what they preach.


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