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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Investing in our Future

Hillary Clinton would invest in infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research in order to to create more higher paying jobs and strengthen our economy.  She’s committed to scientific research to create entire new industries.  Investing $10 billion in “Make it in America” partnerships would serve to further revitalize American manufacturing.  

Investments would be made in a more resilient power grid that would provide enough renewable energy to power every home.  We invent the technology, and we should be using and exporting it. 

She’d expand incentives like the New Markets Tax Credit that can bring business, government, and communities together to create good jobs in places that have been left behind, such as the neglected neighborhoods in our cities, coal country, Native American communities, rural areas ravaged by addiction, and those industrial regions that lost jobs, when factories closed during the recession.  And, she’ll urge Congress to provide funding to repair schools and water systems in “Rust Belt” cities.

Over 5 million children live in homes, that don’t have access to the internet.  Clinton wants every household in America to be connected to broadband by the year 2020.  She believes, that if we want to do something about the achievement gap, we have with other advanced countries, we should start by helping children be able to do homework assignments by using the internet.

She has promised a major push to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs, with national initiatives to cut red tape at every level and expand access to credit, especially through community banks and credit unions.  She’ll propose a new plan to simplify tax filing for small businesses.  Presently, the smallest businesses spend 20 times more per employee to prepare their taxes compared to larger companies, which should be as easy as printing out a bank statement.


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