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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine never aspired to be a vice president nominee, while growing up in Kansas.  His father ran an iron-working shop and he remembers the lessons that his parents taught him.  His mother told him: “You have to decide if you want to be right or do right.  If you want to be right, be a pessimist.  If you want to do right, be an optimist."
He attended a Jesuit boys school, and started attending Harvard Law School, but took a year off to volunteer with missionaries in Honduras, where he saw a system in which a few folks at the top had all the power and everyone else got left behind.
The experience convinced him that: “We've got to expand opportunity and equality for everyone, no matter where they come from, how much money they have, what they look like, or who they love.”
Tim married Anne who is from a family that feels the same.  Kaine’s father-in- law is former Republican Governor Linwood Holton, who in 1970 integrated Virginia's public schools, and placed his children in a recently desegregated mostly-black Richmond public school.
He had settled in Richmond, where he work as a civil rights lawyer, representing people who were denied housing because of their race or disability.  He attended City Council meetings to raise the issues, that he was dealing with on behalf of his clients, but became fed up with the infighting.  So in 1994, he started a political career by running for office, and won by 94 votes.  At the local level, he listened to people, learned about their lives, and tried to find consensus.
Eventually, he became mayor of Richmond, lieutenant governor of Virginia, and in 2006, he became Governor.  As Governor and as Virginia’s Senator, he had to make many tough calls during the recession.  
With his friend Hillary Clinton in the White House, he is looking forward to delivering results for people. Kaine insists: “We don't back away from tough fights.  We're energized by them.  Hillary and I have a strong progressive agenda and we're not going to get distracted from it.
“We'll make our economy work for everyone.  We'll make college debt-free.  We'll take on the NRA, we'll work toward comprehensive immigration reform -- we'll fight for paid family leave, and equality for women, and making sure every kid has a chance to live up to their potential.” 


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