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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Level Playing Field

The way to build an economy that work for everybody is to make sure trade deals works for us and not against us.  Isolating ourselves from other countries isn’t going to improve our economy.  And, tough talk that doesn’t mean anything isn’t going to make a difference.  What will make a difference is making sure that other countries raise their labor and environmental standards to levels that we set.  That’s what the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was designed to accomplish.  If you don’t like NAFTA, the TPP trade deal would overhauls NAFTA with enforceable, as well as, much stronger labor and environmental standards.  That means foreign competition won’t undercut us as easily.

China wants to set the rules for the 21st century.  The choice for voters and members of Congress is simple.  If you want to allow China to set the rules, don’t pass the TPP trade deal that the Obama administration negotiated.   But, if voters and members of Congress want to improve our economy, TPP needs to be pass.  The deal would cut taxes that other countries put on our products.  It would raises other countries’ standards to ours.  It would help middle-class families, by securing better wages for our workers.  When our workers compete on a level playing field, they’ll win.
After the financial crisis, Democrats passed the toughest Wall Street reforms in history.  Trump said that he’d dismantle all those rules that were passed and signed into law.  Less oversight on Wall Street would only make another crisis more likely.  Letting credit card companies write their own rules would hurt working families.  It wouldn’t make the middle class more secure.  How can candidates for President or Congress win an election, when they intend to dismantle rules that level the playing field for the middle class?


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