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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Bitter End

The final weeks of the primary season will wraps up on June 7th. when the last states, that included California and New Jersey, hold their primary contests.
Both the Republican and Democratic Party will field the two of the most unpopular nominees in recent history.
Donald Trump has made derogatory remarks about Mexicans, Muslims and call the Republican establishment leaders "loser."
His attempts to discredit Hillary Clinton have left no past scandal off the table.  And, he has called Sen. Elizabeth Warren "goofy," and "Pocahontas."
Clinton said: "This man, who is an unqualified loose cannon, is within reach of the most important job in the world.  I know that Trump thinks this is a point of pride, that people like me or President Obama raise questions and criticize him.  But it's not.  This is not a reality show.  It's not just politics.  It's really serious."

Bernie Sanders can’t win the nomination, but he’s drawing large crowds and insisting that he’ll carry on through the convention, even after the final votes are counted. 

Massive protests are expected at the Republican convention in Cleveland, and there is a potential for disruptions on the floor of the Democratic convention.  Trump and Sanders have condemned the unrest that has erupted among some supporters.  But, their rhetoric doesn’t seem to have cooled tempers and expectations of their supporters.

Trump has been consolidating the support of the Republican Party establishment.  They included former primary foes Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.  House Speaker Paul Ryan is playing harder to get.

Some conservative holdouts are still hoping that a third-party candidate could emerge to offer a largely symbolic alternative to voters who cannot face backing Trump or Clinton.  But, no well known Republican political figure is willing to take on that challenge.


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