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“I make no pretension to patriotism. So long as my voice can be heard ... I will hold up America to the lightning scorn of moral indignation. In doing this, I shall feel myself discharging the duty of a true patriot; for he is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse its sins. It is righteousness that exalteth a nation while sin is a reproach to any people.”- Frederick Douglass

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The number of people trying to cross our border illegally is near its lowest level in 40 years.  It’s lower than before Obama took office.  It’s lower than during the Reagan administration.  New immigrants sometimes compete for service and construction jobs, but they also start about 30 percent of all new businesses in America.  Misinformed voters think that immigrants are getting a lot from our government, but they pay a lot more in taxes than they receive in services.
Immigrants are not the main reason wages have not gone up for middle-class families.  Those decisions are made in the boardrooms of companies where top CEOs are getting paid more than 300 times the income of the average worker.  Deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants is a fantasy that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars, while tearing families apart.  Logistically, it would be impossible, and it would not do anything to help the middle class.  
What would help our middle class is for Congress to fix our immigration system the way President Obama has proposed.  He supports a system, where everybody plays by the rules, so that we attain strong border security.  Obama wants to make sure that those families who have been in America for 10 years, or 20 years come out of the shadows, pay taxes, and go through a background check.  That kind of immigration reform would grow our economy faster, and shrink our deficits.  
We need a Congress that’s willing to make it happen.  Republicans have been making claims about our economy that aren’t supported by facts.  They continue to do this, because it has worked to get them congressional votes.  The truth is that while congressional Republicans are telling hardworking, middle-class families that the reason they’re getting economically squeezed is because of moochers at the bottom of the income ladder, or because of minorities, or because of immigrants, or because poor people aren’t willing to work; they’ve been promoting policies that protect powerful special interests and those who are at the very top of the economic pyramid. 
Tales about welfare queens and takers are broadcast every day on some cable news stations, and right-wing radio across America.
After hearing that same story all the time voters start believing it.  It’s no wonder people think big government is the problem, and that the deficit has gone up under Obama’s presidency when it’s actually gone down. 


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