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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Fixing the Economy

If you watch TV, you’ll often hear that the reason that people are angry is because nobody has paid attention to the plight of working Americans.

President Obama hasn’t been able to fixed many things, because the Republican, who control both the House and Senate have opposed just about everything that he has tried to do.
Obama recognizes that many Americans people have good reason to feel anxious about the long term trends of our economy, that is make working families feel less secure.
Despite the drop in unemployment, wages are continuing to grow too slowly, and that makes it harder to pay for college or save for retirement.  The gap between the rich and poor is greater now than it has been since the 1920s.  The increase of global competition, and the automation of more jobs have left many workers behind, and allowed a few at the top collect extraordinary wealth and influence like never before.  Those trends make it easy for people to feel that the system is rigged and the American Dream is increasingly harder to reach for ordinary people.  Consequently, many politicians have been preying on that frustration for votes.
Informed voters recognize that it’s the economy, that is driving this election.  They will have to decide between two very different visions of what it will take from our next president and members of Congress to strengthen our middle class.  Voters have to make that decision, just as my grandparents and parents did in 1932 during the Great Depression, when they vote for FDR.
Republican candidates for elected office have continued to tell America’s working class, that they’ve been victimized by a bloated federal government run by left-wing elitists.  And, that the government is taking their hard-earned tax dollars and it’s giving it to freeloaders and welfare cheats.  They claim that Democrats are strangling business with endless regulations, and that our federal government are allowing immigrants and foreigners steal jobs that our workers want.
Instead of telling you what they’re planning to do to fix our economy, they simply tell voters what they’re against.  Their basic message is anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-trade, and change.
If what Republican politicians are saying is true, it would make sense to run on a platform of rolling back everything FDR achieved, and what President Obama has accomplished for over seven and a half years. 


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