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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Valerie Jarrett

On “60 Minuets,” correspondent Norah O'Donnell asked Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s Senior Advisor a series of questions about Obama’s relationship with Congressional Republicans.

Valerie Jarrett explained: “Their leader in the Senate, Republican Mitch McConnell, has told President Obama there will be no hearing on his Supreme Court choice.  Despite the fact that Garland was confirmed to the D.C circuit, considered the second highest court in the land, back in 1997 with the majority of Senate Republicans voting for him...

“Well, the way you convince them is to try to put enough political pressure on them so they'll do the right thing.  And I think that that momentum is building from the American people, and that's where the pressure will come...

“It has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they're chummy.  This has to do with whether or not they've made the political calculus, the raw political calculus that it is in their self-interest not to give a hearing to Judge Garland.  When they decide it is in their self-interest, they'll do it. And it is our job to launch a campaign to encourage them to do their jobs. Just as the president did his.  Nothing to do with personality.  Nothing to do with schmoozing.  Nothing to do with whether or not they're buddies. This is raw politics, from their perspective.  And has nothing to do with what is been in the best interest of the American people...

“This kind of politics is about trying to figuring out what you think you have to do to get reelected.  And what we've seen, Norah, time and time again, is the Republicans decide they can't even come to the White House and go through a receiving line.  They can't even show up at a state dinner, because they're afraid of what the consequences will be if they do...

“I want to completely debunk this notion that if the president were just simply more friendly and more outgoing and schmooze that this would change.  This is simply about the Republicans making the political calculus that to be friendly to the White House is not in their interest.  That's the decision that they made when he was first elected.  And they've stayed steadfastly true to that for the last seven years, to the detriment of the American people.”

According to Robert Draper’s book, “GOP’s Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration,” top Republican lawmakers and strategists conjured up ways to submarine Obama’s presidency at a private dinner on the night of his inauguration.


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