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Friday, May 06, 2016

National Security Plan

The cornerstone of Hillary’s campaign national security plan is that when America leads with principle and purpose, other people and governments are eager to join us.  Her framework for American leadership includes a strong economy that provides the foundation for our leadership, our diplomatic influence, as well as our military might.

Hillary would expanded global anti-terrorism cooperation and step up efforts to go after terrorist recruitment, propaganda, and safe havens.

She'll ensure our country maintains the best-trained, best-equipped, and strongest military the world has ever known.  Our allies, especially Israel, will be safer if we vigorously enforce the nuclear agreement with Iran and implement a broader strategy to confront Iran’s bad behavior in the region.
She recognizes that ISIS and the foreign terrorist fighters it recruits pose a serious threat to America and our allies. Our military will defeat them in a way that builds greater stability across the region, without miring our troops in another misguided ground war.  Terrorism will eventually be defeated through our partnership to build Iraqi military and governing capacity.  She’d continue our commitment to Afghanistan’s democracy.

Hillary will work with our allies to strengthen institutions in Asia that push China to become a responsible stakeholder on cyberspace, human rights, trade, territorial disputes, and climate change.
She'll work with European allies to decrease their dependence on Russian oil.  And, will continue to deter Russian aggressions, by increasing the costs to Putin for his actions.
Hillary would prepare America for the world of tomorrow.  That means that our government acknowledge, that safeguarding our country from rising sea levels and extreme weather requires domestic action and intensive global engagement.  We must lead this effort, not back away from this threat to our security.

Cyber attacks have profound consequences for our economy and national security.  Hillary’s plan would pressure our public and private sectors to overcome the mistrust that impedes cooperation, in order to strengthen security and build resiliency for economy and infrastructure.  Our country must outpace this rapidly changing threat, maintain strong protections against unwarranted government or corporate surveillance, while ensuring American companies are the most competitive in the world.
Highly contagious diseases are a constant threat.  Warmer and drier conditions caused by global climate change, along with an increasingly interconnected world, that enable germs to spread more quickly across the globe.  We must remain vigilant and do more to prevent and contain outbreaks.


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