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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Thoughtful Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton understands that in order to raise incomes for more people our government must have a plan to promote long term economic growth.
Her plan would invest in infrastructure, clean energy, and scientific and medical research in order to to create more good paying jobs and strengthen our economy.  Clinton would urge Congress to provide tax relief to working families and small businesses.  That would move our economy toward a full employment economy, and would creates better paying jobs, by forcing businesses to compete for the most qualified workers by raising incomes.
She would cut taxes for hard-working families to increase their take-home pay as they face rising costs from child care, health care, and sending their children to college.  Hillary has called for extending a tax cut of up to $2,500 per student to help deal with college costs as part of her New College Compact, and for cutting taxes for businesses that share profits with their employees.
Hillary’s father owned a small business, and she understands that small businesses are the backbone of job growth.  She has put forward a small business agenda to expand access to capital, provide tax relief, cut red tape, and help small businesses bring their goods to new markets.
Her New College Compact would invest $350 billion so that students don’t have to borrow to pay tuition at public colleges in their state.  The plan would also significantly cut interest rates on student loans and enable an estimated 25 million Americans with student debt to refinance to lower rates.  Thereby, saving the typical borrower $2,000 over the life of their loans.
The Obama administration has demonstrated that the best ways to improve our nation’s competitiveness is to invest in infrastructure and scientific research.  Clinton has called for a national infrastructure bank that would leverage public and private funds to invest in projects across America.  She will continue to call for reform that closes corporate tax loopholes and drives investment, here in the U.S.  She would increase funding for scientific research at agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.
Woman’s issues like equal pay, paid leave, and affordable child care have been ignored by many Republican members of Congress for too long.  Hillary insists that they are crucial to our competitiveness and growth, and to lifting incomes for working families.


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