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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Understanding Foreign Policy

Donald Trump admitted that nuclear proliferation is the world's biggest challenge, but then suggested, that it may be time for Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear arsenals so the U.S. can pull back from Asia.
At the close of the Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama explained: "The person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean Peninsula or the world generally."
The nuclear umbrella, we provide for Japan and South Korea is the cornerstones of our presence in the Asia Pacific.  The policy provided the peace, prosperity and flowing commerce, and prevented the possibilities of a nuclear escalation and conflict.
Obama noted: "You don't mess with that.  It's an investment that rests on the sacrifices that our men and women made in World War II.  We don't want someone in the Oval Office who doesn't recognize how important that is."

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida added: "It is impossible that Japan will arm itself with nuclear weapons."

Japan is the only country to experience a nuclear attack, when the U.S. ended World War II by dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and has been committed to a non nuclear defense posture ever since.
Trump also suggested redrawing from security relationships in other regions, arguing that Germany and Saudi Arabia need to do more in their own defense or pay our government more for the protection it offers.  He has proposed using nuclear weapons to put a swift and definitive end to the threat of ISIS.
The Nuclear Security Summit was the final of four Obama has held during his presidency.  It drew leaders from around the world to discuss ways to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and better secure nuclear materials, especially from the threat of nuclear terrorism.


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