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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Number of Delegates

On 4/1/16, Hillary Clinton was asked by Rachel Maddow: “Do you expect that Senator Sanders will still be fighting for the nomination at the convention?”

Clinton pointed out: “I'm gratified that I have more votes than anybody in this election.  Nearly nine million.  And that's a million more than Donald Trump, and it's two-and-a-half million more than Bernie Sanders.

“I have a delegate count that is a higher margin between me and Senator Sanders than it ever was between me and President Obama.  So, I think we are on a very good path to getting the nomination...  If I am fortunate enough to secure the nomination, that we will come together as a party, as I did when we ended our very tough contest, and I endorsed then Senator Obama.  I nominated him at our convention in Denver, and worked my heart out to get him elected.  Because, that's what I think you do when a primary is over.”

Maddow questioned: “Senator Sanders's campaign this week has suggested that if heading into that convention, he is behind in the pledged delegates, and even if he's behind in the popular vote, that he will still try to win the nomination at that convention by persuading super delegates to switch their allegiance to him at that point.  Is that a legitimate, reasonable, ethical way to try to get the nomination?”

Clinton explained: “I've been on the other side of this equation.  I got slightly more in the popular vote in 2008, but not in the delegates.  And so from my perspective it’s about delegates.  You have to have the right number of delegates to get the nomination.  I certainly hope that Senator Sanders and his supporters will join ranks, the way that I did with President Obama.”


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