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Friday, April 08, 2016

Ignoring Reality

How can Hillary Clinton compete in the primaries, with a person, who pledges to provide free college tuition, more Social Security benefits, no increase in middle class taxes, free health-care for everyone, which will be paid for by our government?

No one person can beat a Republican candidate for president, because it will take an inspired political party to defeat the Republican candidate.  

Change is ultimately determined or obstructed by eligible voters.  That includes both those that vote and those that don’t vote.  So far by winning more primary voters than any other candidate, Clinton has demonstrated that she will be the most formidable candidate.  She has valuable experience in dealing with Republican misinformation as our First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

It was Hillary Clinton’s party that produced Roosevelt’s New Deal, a progressive income tax, Social Security, anti-poverty programs, civil rights, and health-care.  In every case, congressional Democrats had to battle Republicans.  Historically, it has always been a tough fight.  Today, the Democratic party will need 60 votes in the Senate, and 218 in the House to get anything done.

Lasting change starts at the state level, because Republican governors and state legislators have and will continue every 10 years to gerrymander House districts, so that it’s very difficult for worthy Democratic candidates to get elected.    

Bernie Sanders has never been a Democrat.  He ignores the reality, that he’ll need Democratic Senators, and Representatives in the House to accomplish what he claims that he’d do if elected.  The voters backing Bernie Sanders need to recognize how our democratic process works.  A revolution isn’t going to happen.  In fact, there is going to be an election and an inauguration of a new president.  That president will have to deal with a Congress to get anything accomplished.


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