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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Brent Brown

Brent Brown wrote the following to the President Obama regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.
“I sincerely hope that this reaches you, as far too often praise is hard to come by.  Apologies to people who deserve it perhaps even less so.
"I did not vote for you.  Either time.  I have voted Republican for the entirety of my life.  I proudly wore pins and planted banners displaying my Republican loyalty.  I was very vocal in my opposition to you -- particularly the ACA.  Before I briefly explain my story allow me to first say this: I am so very sorry.  I was so very wrong.
"You saved my life, and I am eternally grateful.  I have a pre-existing condition and so could never purchase health insurance.  Only after the ACA came into being could I be covered.  Put simply to not take up too much of your time if you are in fact taking the time to read this: I would not be alive without access to care I received due to your law. Thank you for serving me even when I didn't vote for you. Thank you for being my President.  Honored to have lived under your leadership and guidance.”
Brent Brown has explained: “Before the Affordable Care Act, I was unable to pay for an incredibly expensive drug that helps to stabilize my condition.  So, because I was too poor to pay thousands of dollars for medicine every few weeks, my hospital trips were emergency ones, to keep me from dying.  There was absolutely no hope and I was quickly running out of money.
“I, like many fellow patients, was stuck between paying what I couldn't afford and going without the health care I needed.
“Then the President signed this bill.  I was against it at first - very against it. But with the Affordable Care Act, I was finally able to receive the quality of care that had eluded me for years.  I was able to consult the top surgeon in my state for the particular surgery I needed.  I was able to receive the stabilizing drug that was always hidden behind a doctor's apology: ‘I'm sorry, Mr. Brown, we have to take your financial consideration into account.’  I was able to stay at one of the best equipped hospitals in my state for as long as I needed, without having to worry about checking myself out early because of cost concerns.  I had hope.”


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