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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bernie’s Dissenting Votes

On 5/27/15, Derek Willis reported that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had voted the same way 93 percent of the time during the two years they shared in the Senate.
For the most part Hillary voted with an overwhelming majority of her Senate colleagues, including Republicans.  Clinton and Sanders disagreed on continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an immigration reform bill and bank bailouts during the depths of the Great Recession.
They disagreed on approving of the civilian nuclear deal we made with India in 2008, that Hillary supported.  Sanders opposed developing and deploying a defense system to stop Iranian ballistic missiles.
In 2007, Bernie Sanders voted no on six cloture votes in an attempt to block a bill that would have offered legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants and improved border security.  Hillary Clinton supported advancing that bill.
November 2008, Bernie opposed the bank bailout bill before the election, and also voted to deny the Treasury Department the ability to spend the remaining $350 billion in the troubled assets purchase program at the start of the next Congress.  Hillary supported both bills.
Clinton supported ethanol production, and backed an attempt to end a tax credit for producing renewable diesel by adding animal fat to petroleum.  Sanders and other opponents of the tax credit complained the program, would be exploited by large oil and gas companies.
Bernie Sanders voted to end consideration of three amendments relating to how Homeland Security grants were awarded that pitted small-state senators against senators representing more populous states.  Hillary Clinton favored those amendments. He was the only senator to oppose the passage of a bill to reauthorize drug and device user fees set by the Food and Drug Administration.  Sanders also opposed expanding estate tax exemptions that Clinton supported.


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