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Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools

Regarding Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren explained: “These are both people who basically deny the legitimacy of their opponents.  They go on the attack.  They demean millions of Americans.
“That’s what identifies them as extremists and why Republicans in the Senate are breaking apart over this.  And yet, what have Republicans in the Senate been doing since the very day that Barack Obama was sworn in?  They have given in to their extremists.  In fact, they have nursed their extremists along, so that there have been fights and delays, over the basic things that happen in government.
“So, the president tries to get his team out.  And first thing that happens is the Republicans in the Senate want to shut it down.  They don’t want anybody to go forward to be the head of the National Labor Relations Board. 
“They don’t want anybody to be appointed to the head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Because they don’t want the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be able to function.
“They don’t want a secretary of labor.  They don’t want anybody confirmed over the Environmental Protection Agency.  They don’t want the president of the United States to be able to fill any of the three vacancies then on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the second most important court in
the United States. 
“It’s not about problem with a particular nominee.  What they were trying to do was effectively deny the legitimacy of this president, try to shut down the government, try to keep it from functioning.
“Seven years, they did it.  And now, they’ve got the biggest one of all, a vacancy in the United States Supreme Court.  Notwithstanding what it says in the Constitution, Article 2, Section 2, the president shall nominate with the advice and content of the Senate.  Notwithstanding the oath they took, they say: ‘I don’t care who you bring us, we’re not going to hold hearings and we’re not going to hold a vote on anyone.’
“In other words, no legitimacy for you, the president of the United States.  All I can say is that’s what constituted extremism in the United States Senate.  That’s what has nursed what’s going on now in the presidential primaries.  They are paying the price for their own extremism.”
Senate Republican may endup with a presidential nominee who is so extreme that they’ll loose their majority.


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