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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Your Water

Residents of Flint, Michigan began getting ill and dying in the summer 2014 in one of the worst outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease in our history.  Genesee County Health director, Jim Henry attempts to find the source were hampered when the state government wouldn't request federal assistance.
The Genesee County Health Department couldn’t get help from the state of Michigan or the Centers for Disease Control, and eventually 87 people acquire Legionnaire's and nine died.
Henry said state officials purposely kept the CDC away once the county wanted to look at the highly corrosive Flint River as the Legionnaire's uptick began.  The state of Michigan had decided to switch the water supply source to the Flint River, and soon brown water began flowing from taps in the city.  
He insists that his county reached out to the CDC. "We expected that we'd have a team of people that would help us identify the source of this bacteria, the source of this illness, to stop it.  The CDC never showed up, because Michigan state officials purposely kept them away.  Frustration is an understatement.  You could see that it was an intentional, deliberate method to prevent us from doing our job."
According to CDC protocol, a state must "invite" the CDC to investigate an outbreak, and Michigan didn’t do that.
Henry alleges: "The state stopped our investigation by prohibiting us to communicate.  They prohibited communication between the Centers for Disease Control and Genesee County Health Department.  They prevented that team to come here and help us find the source."
The CDC official said: “I felt that a comprehensive investigation was warranted and offered to further assist Michigan.  In this case, Michigan felt that they had the skills and resources needed to perform the investigation themselves."
Michigan never found the cause of the outbreak.  


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