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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Pious Hypocrites

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find anything Christian about the Republican party.  They seem to have no interest in treating people, especially the poor, with compassion or respect.  Congressional Republicans and those who voted for them have repeatedly demonstrated their opposition to helping the less fortunate.  Poor communities such as Flint, Michigan need clean water, job training, and a social safety net like every other community.  Compassion is about providing opportunity. 

A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that disadvantaged youths were 43 percent less likely to commit a violent crime if they had a summer job.  I suspect, that some Christian Republicans actually believe the poor deserve to live in poverty, but are smart enough not to say it.

President Obama’s State Department used diplomacy to shaped a deal to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The deal is designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons is working.  Iran has already dismantled thousands of centrifuges that enrich uranium.  A true Christian wouldn’t want to see that deal fail.

The unemployment rate dropped to 4.9 percent, that’s the lowest it’s been in over eight years.  Nevertheless, Christian Republicans won’t admit that they were wrong to not support the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or the automobile loan program that enabled General Motors and Chrysler to avoid bankruptcy.

By a 6-3 Supreme Court decision the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act has survived.  Although, many Christian Republican voters still oppose the Affordable Care Act, some Republican leaders feared that news stories of seriously ill or dying people going without health care because of the loss of their plans would hurt Republican candidates on Election Day.  

Facts don’t seem to matter to Christian Republicans in Congress, who haven’t present a plan to deal with heath care, or climate change.   


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