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Friday, March 25, 2016

Ken Williams

The Oneonta Daily Star published a unique “Local Commentary,”column that was submitted by Ken Williams, who lives in Maryland.  I’ll be rebutting his comments and sending at least one of those rebuttals to the Star for publication.

I agree with those, who feel parents should explain to their children the reason our country was in so much debt, when President Obama took office.

Of the 12 presidents, prior to Obama taking office, the top six in terms of job creation were all Democrats.  At the bottom of the list was Bush the younger, Bush the elder and Hoover.  Since 1989, only Clinton had led the country in the direction of creating more jobs, significantly reduced unemployment and brought about a budget surplus.

According to U.S. Treasury Department statistics, when Reagan took office in 1980, the national debt stood at $930 billion.  During Reagan's eight years, our debt increased by $1.692 trillion dollars.  When he left office, the debt stood at over $2.6 trillion - triple what he inherited.

The national debt increased by $1.587 trillion under four years of the first President Bush, reaching $4.2 trillion.  Under Clinton’s eight years $1.54 trillion was added.  The debt was roughly $5.7 trillion, when George W. Bush was sworn in.  His eight years increased the deficit to roughly $10.6 trillion.

During the 28 years from January 1981 to January 2009, (from Reagan's presidency to the end of George W. Bush's), our national debt went from $930 billion to $10.6 trillion, an increase of $9.67 trillion.  If you subtract the $1.54 trillion added during President Clinton’s administration, there was a $8.13 trillion increase under Reagan and the two Bushes.  Hence 85 percent of the debt incurred from Reagan to Obama occurred under Republican presidents.

For 73 consecutive months America has witnesses private sector job growth, but by listening to Trump and Republican propagandist you wouldn’t know that, or that our deficits have been cut by almost three-quarters.


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