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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Fighting ISIS

Presently, there are more than 4,000 American troops in Iraq as part of the fight against ISIS.   America's military families have borne a disproportionate burden for 15 straight years of wars and multiple deployments.
Hillary Clinton agrees with what Obama is trying to do, by supporting Arab and Kurdish fighters on the ground who are prepared to take back territory from Raqqa to Ramadi and Mosul.  She wouldn’t send our ground combat troops back to either Syria or Iraq.
Clinton would continue to use special forces as trainers, and our military personnel who direct airstrikes that have been taking out ISIS infrastructure and their leadership.  She insists that it’s important to keep the Iraqi army on a path so that they can continue to take back territory, and work with the Sunni tribes in Anbar province.

Clinton would continue Obama’s policy of cutting off the flow of foreign fighters and funding, while combating ISIS online.  They’re spread propaganda and instigating violent attacks online.

Homeland Security will continue to coordinate federal, state, and local law enforcement, but we need the best possible intelligence not only from our own sources, but from sources overseas.

Americans need to understand that American Muslims are on the front line of our defense.  They are more likely to know what’s happening in their families and their communities, and they need to feel not just invited, but welcomed within the American society.

Regarding a theoretical question regarding our military sending an increasing number of Americans to Iraq and possibly Syria, Clinton said: “I am against American combat troops being in Syria and Iraq.  I support special forces.  I support trainers.  I support the air campaign.  And I think we're making some progress.  I want to continue to intensify that, and that's exactly what the president is doing.”


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