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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Courage and Solution

The Bush administration deregulated Wall Street, and then bailed out those, that were gambling with stockholders money.  When the time came to help the blue collar workers, Republicans as usual didn’t care.

The Republican Party constantly encourages anti-government feeling.  They had an opportunity to pass health care reform, which would have improve the conditions of people’s lives for generations to come.  They didn’t because it has never been about big or small government, it has always been about more effective government, which only the Democratic Party has deliver. 

By June 2010, General Motors was able to turn a profit for the first time since 2004.  They had repaid the money it was loaned five years ahead of schedule.  As many as 240,000 General Motors employees kept their jobs because Obama wouldn’t allow the American auto industry to go under and was willing to give American workers a chance.

After the credit markets dried up on Wall Street, GM and Chrysler couldn’t get any money from financial institutions so our government stepped in.  Millions of jobs would have been lost, without help from the Obama administration.  GM and Chrysler would have been liquidated and we would have lost a major component of our manufacturing base.  We had already lost many of the manufacturing jobs in our country, and we needed to preserve a strong auto sector.  Without manufacturing jobs, we wouldn’t have good paying middle-class jobs for hundreds of thousands of families.  

The Party of “No” didn’t support the auto bailout and Tea Party supporters have continue to complain about government takeovers, socialism and government intrusion.  However, the families that have jobs today have a more secure future, and it’s getting brighter every day, but that wouldn’t have been the case had our government not stepped up. 

The automobile industry supports jobs all over the country.  If Democrats hadn’t saved the auto industry, we would have allowed the credit crisis to bring down the American auto industry.  Congressional Democrats demonstrated a lot of courage by stepping forward and making investments to protect good-paying jobs in our manufacturing sector.  America can’t have a strong democracy if we don’t actually make tangible products that we can sell here in our country and export to other countries.

President Obama put together an auto task force to come up with solutions and then stepped aside and allowed them to make it happen. 


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