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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Carrots and Sticks

Reportedly, 75 percent of Flint, Michigan manufacturing jobs were lost in the last 25 years.  During that same period the state of Michigan lost 230,000 manufacturing jobs.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks using both carrots and sticks approach will work.  The carrot approach to solving the problem would include a very clear set of proposals and incentives for manufacturing so that the way companies think about making investments in America will change.  Her administration would have a comprehensive manufacturing plan that would include more investments in infrastructure, and put a lot of people to work.  She wants to do more to help small businesses, because they are the source of two thirds of our jobs and more can be done to help them start and grow, particularly minority and women-owned small businesses.  Hillary also wants to do more to help create clean energy as a source of jobs that can’t be outsourced to other countries.

The stick part of her approach to solving the problem of loosing jobs would be to go after companies like Nabisco, who decided to leave after having gotten tax benefits from Chicago and Illinois to stay.  They would have to pay those tax benefits back to the city or state that had invested in them.  She would also go after companies like Johnson Controls in Wisconsin, who got part of the bailout funds, because they were an auto parts supplier and have recently decided to move their headquarters to Europe.  She’d require them to pay an exit fee.  Those are her proposals to put a stop to exporting jobs and start growing jobs again in America.

Another way to grow jobs is through the Export-Import Bank.  It’s a federal agency, that gives loans to help businesses that export American products around the world. 


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