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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nominating Strongest Candidate

In 1964, the Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater, who was the hero of the conservative movement, but he was too far to the right of most of the Republican Party.  In 1972, the Democrats nominated George McGovern, who was a hero of liberals in the antiwar movement, but he was to the left of his party's mainstream.
Both of those nominees for president cause their activist supporters to become very excited, but they both were thoroughly defeated in the general election.
Today, even Democrats who strongly support Senator Sanders are concerned about his fate in a general election.  Although, Bernie presently has good head-to-head polling numbers against Republican frontrunners.  That could change completely in the general election.
Bernie Sanders has pointed out: “I think I will be, if nominated, the strongest candidate.  Democrats win when there is a large voter turnout; when people are excited; when working people, middle class people and young people are prepared to engage in the political process.
“Republicans win when people are demoralized and you have a small voter turnout, which by the way is why they love voter suppression.  I believe that our campaign up to now has shown that we can create an enormous amount of enthusiasm from working people, from young people, who will get involved in the political process and which will drive us to a very large voter turnout.
“If there is a large voter turnout, not only do we retain the White House, but I think we regain the Senate.  We win governors' chairs up and down the line.  So I believe if you want to retain the White House, if you want to see Democrats do well across the board, I think our campaign is the one that creates the large voter turnout and helps us win.”


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