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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Relentless Fanatics

The Supreme Court will hear the first major case on abortion rights since 2007.  At issue are key parts of Texas' 2013 abortion law that requires that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and mandates that clinics upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards.

Abortion rights supporters consider the law one of the strictest in the nation and that if the Supreme Court agrees with a lower court's decision and allows two provisions of the law to go into effect, the number of available clinics in the state is expected to fall to about 10.  Supporters of the law argue it's meant to protect women's health.  Other states have similar legislation percolating in lower courts.

Abortion is always an issue that can fire up base voters on both sides, and the ruling would likely come in late June, as the general election battle heats up.

Since September, the FBI has warned of increased attacks on abortion clinics, because attacks on clinics is common in the history of an extreme anti-choice movement.

Last, November, Robert Lewis Dear murdered three people, including police officer Garrett Swasey.  After Robert Dear surrender to police outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, a law enforcement investigators said that the 57 year old had made a remark about “baby parts.”  Those murders were the inevitable result of over 4 decades of relentless anti-abortion fanatics offering hate speech, and suggesting that it’s OK to kill abortion providers.

Most Americans believe that the heart wrenching decision regarding abortion shouldn’t be decided by arrogant men on the Supreme Court.  If the Texas law isn’t declared unconstitutional, wealthy women will have the option of a long trip for their abortions, but dangerous back room abortions might become the only option for poor women.


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